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Nick Jordan
Kobbwebjar, 2018
single screen HD Video, 04.44 mins
soundtrack score: Otis Jordan

A figure conjures a remedy from jars of spider webs and beeswax, while studying the pages of ‘Micrographia’ (Robert Hook, 1665); the first book to illustrate insects and plants as observed through the lens of a microscope.

Commissioned by Folklore Tapes for collaborative project ‘The Art of Magic: re-scoring and restoring objectless index cards from the Museum of Witchcraft’.

Objectless index card: “Jar containing spider webs. These are prescribed by numerous charmers as being a cure for asthma. To use take a pinch of bee’s wax and spider web. Work in the hand into a pellet and swallow.”

A unique collection of index cards from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic that have been orphaned from the object to which they describe. These cards have been sent to artists around the British Isles to invoke a creative interpretation in any medium. The resulting selection of re-scored and restored arte-facts will form part of a touring exhibition. (Folklore Tapes, 2018)